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Recent news

Hoffmaster Campsite
Hovercams receives FAA Section 333 Exemption for commercial use  

Craig Newhouse July 2015


Only about a dozen aerial acquisition companies in Michigan have been granted this special status over the past 2 years, and we're proud to have gone through all the proper paperwork to get it.  Are you looking to get price quotes from our competition?  Make sure to ask them if they have this important and necessary status, then call us if they don't!

Treetops and Black Creek @ P.J. Hoffmaster State Park  

Craig Newhouse June 2015


Raise your hand if you've ever had the opportunity to visit one of the Lower Peninsula's finest State Parks?  Yes, Hoffmaster counts as one of those.  Never been?  Check out our short YouTube video of this beautiful place we like to visit when Grandpa & Grandma M go camping there :)

DJI's "Inspire 1" Aircraft Lands at Hovercams

Craig Newhouse April 2015


Upping the ante in the rapidly-evolving world of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) - AKA "Drones" - DJI has produced their pretty amazing "transforming" quadcopter that is already proving to be a game-changer.

Hovercams Featured in Landscape Management Magazine

Craig Newhouse April 2014


Hovercams continues to provide professional aerial photography services to various companies as a valuable tool for marketing.  Katerberg Verhage - a West Michigan Landscape Contracting company - was interviewed by Landscape Management Magazine which published the article about our two companies in April 2014.

Midwest Monster Trucks
Midwest Monster Trucks at Berlin Raceway

Craig Newhouse June 21, 2014


Covering motorcross-style events proved to be an exciting time for some Hovercams filming during the Fair at the Berlin Raceway in Marne, Michigan.  Although some light rain dampened our ability to capture all the shots we wanted to, it was still a great time, and we captured some thrilling shots for our client.

St. Mary Magdalene Church Fire

Craig Newhouse July 2012


A sad day indeed when this church burned almost entirely to the ground after a stray firework landed on the roof during 4th of July Celebrations in Kentwood, Michigan.  As a kid our backyard opened onto this church's property, so it was tough to see the destruction of this revered place.  Just a short YouTube memorial video for you.

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